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Let’s summon some things up from the previous post on the reference wall. When you finished a user story, you put this on the reference wall confirm the story points it has taken you to finish completely. When you miss estimated the story, you estimate again and place it at the right spot. So far so good.


Now, it’s rather easy to estimate new stories this way. When you agree that the story is kind of similar to one of the stories on your reference wall, you can estimate the new story real fast. But… There is a downside.
You probably didn’t think about the fact that your creativity isn’t triggered this way. I mean, if you recognize the reference stories as building blocks, you become less challenged. Let me elaborate on this.
At a certain point, almost all of the features customers ever requested, are on that wall. That means that every story becomes business as usual. You have entered a common way of working. In other words, your process is fixed and you are killing creativity.

What to do about it?

I don’t know what to do about it, so that leaves you an inconclusive blog post. (I wonder if I have ever been inconclusive… I think not)
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