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Last month, I’ve seen something remarkable. These are the moments, things occur to me, which are so obvious, that I could not have missed that, but I did! It’s how the magic happens in teams.

What am I talking about?

You know planning poker, do you? If you don’t, it’s giving an estimation on how much effort you think you have to put into one user story to deliver it properly.
This team, this post is based on, is so determined to Scrum, that they swore, they never go back to ‘the old way’ of working. Some background to it: this company was putting people to projects and now it’s the other way around. They say: ‘If management thinks Scrum is failing and they want to back to the former way of working, I’ll be off to an other company, I swear!’

This team is so enthusiastic, that it is inevitable that it comes up with beautiful things. And of course, I make good use of it, to feed my blog and share it with you. It’s called a Reference Wall.

scrum agile reference wall

If you take a look at it, it’s full of user stories which are formally estimated. They put all of the done user stories from out the sprint, right onto this wall, but only if these stories appeal enough to ones imagination. And the most wonderful thing about this wall is that it helps estimation a new user story a lot! Refinements are an easy way of working now.
Thanks guys!

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